Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soft Stitch Markers

Interestingly, your ideas of "reasonable" correspond roughly to what I wanted to have the retail price be... around $10, so I'd get $5.

Here are some other things that cost around $10:
• a pair of wedding cards not bought at the dollar store (when did cards get so expensive?!?)
• a paperback book
• lunch at a food court
• a set of dpns
• a nice ball of yarn
• a first-run movie ticket
• postage for a tiny parcel from Canada to the USA
• a yard of print cotton fabric
I really don't think $10 is out of line for a set of handmade, snag-free, sturdy, cute, warm, soft stitch markers is really out of line.

Here are the soft stitch markers in use:
Soft Stitch Markers in use Soft Stitch Markers in use
I didn't have anything on the needles that would do well at showing off the markers, so I cast on the above. For scale, that's worsted weight yarn on US 5 needles. Now I *finally* have something to send to Knittah for her Botswana project:
Finished Tuque
(Yeah, I missed this collection deadline, but I'm sure there'll be another. And don't you think those colours will look handsome on a black kid? Or possibly a red-headed kid, but I imagine they're somewhat harder to find over there.) Knittah: Non-machine-washable wool is fine, right? Also, please keep poking me until I *finally* get to the post office. *sigh*

I've now used up nearly all of the orange and Noro yarn given to me by another knitter. Cleaning up leftovers is very satisfying. :)


Deneen said...

As I said in the other post, go with etsy. I thing they're pretty awesome myself.

Knittah said...

Yes, regular wool is fine. And the hat is gorgeous! Next collection deadline is September 19th. Thank you!

noricum said...

Thanks Deneen! Thanks Knittah!

Sara said...

really lovely hat! I can't believe folks balked at $10. Deneen is right, go with etsy.