Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr Party-Of-One

Mr Party-Of-One was at it again today, blaring his music in the parking lot behind the building. It seems like he's stopped now (11 pm), but basically, all day, every weekend, he dictates the music listening of three and a half apartments (half of mine is okay, on the other side of the building) besides his own, and whatever of the other building and houses that are near enough. What is considered "acceptable"? If I were sitting in my office when his music was playing, I wouldn't be able to listen to my own music or podcasts, or have relative silence if I wanted it. I don't think it would bother me so much if this were only an occasional thing... but all weekend, every weekend?

*sigh*... I spoke too soon. Now he's playing his radio. It's as loud in my apartment as if I were playing my radio for myself. But I'm not playing my radio, and even if I were, it would be a different station.

I've already asked him (at 10 pm) to turn down the radio in consideration of the kids who should be sleeping. (Although I think they may be at their granparents'... I think the mom may have given up trying to get them to sleep here on weekends.)

Anyway, back to my question. I'm complaining about him dictating what I listen to... but if I force him to do otherwise, that means I'm forcing my listening on him. When do my rights outweigh his? I feel justified complaining about him, but am I? Or is it just because I'm me and not him? Am I being unreasonable?

Well, I'm heading back to the far side of my apartment. If he's still at it when I go to bed, I'll get ornery then. :P (I'm going to watch the late news first.)

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