Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Not Crazy

Update: I got a call from my landlord. He thinks Mr Party-Of-One is being childish, and my landlord would like both Mr Party-Of-One and the chain smoker lady who also drinks to move out. (But he would prefer not at the same time, since he's only allowed to renovate and increase rent on suites at a certain rate.) My landlord is hoping Chain Smoker Lady will move out first, because her smoke is getting into another tenant's suite, and that tenant is understandably upset.

Mrs Chain Smoking Lady also regularly pays her rent late, which can be used as grounds for eviction. (Her chain smoking is grandfathered in.) Mrs Chain Smoking Lady and Husband are apparently pissed that the landlord sent them a letter, asking them to not smoke in the suite.

Anyway, back to Mr Party-Of-One. My landlord called and left messages with both him and his dad. Mr Party-Of-One (understandably, given his childish misbehaviour) doesn't answer the phone when the landlord calls. The landlord is hoping the father will do something, since the father owns/manages(?) several rental buildings.

Oh... and the music continues. Mr Party-Of-One isn't in the car at the moment... I haven't checked to see if he's back to sitting beside the back door, or if he just left the radio on to piss me off.

Why couldn't the vandals who broke his car window have stolen his stereo? *sigh* (Yeah, his car was broken into several weeks back.)

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Bethany said...

Man, that sucks. :-( I wish I had advice for you. Hopefully the landlord can get something accomplished in that direction.

I swear, some people are just a waste of good carbon atoms.