Saturday, June 20, 2009


Warning: don't read this post if you're easily disgusted.


So, I was finally getting ready for bed when I heard something outside. I looked down to see what was happening, and see one guy holding the door to the building next door open, while another guy walks towards him, hitching his shorts up. Then the first guy walks towards my building, directly under my window, and starts doing something. I call down in disgust, asking if they're peeing. "No, I'm just spilling some seed. On the lawn, not against the building." "Can't you use a toilet?" I ask. "Someone was in the shower." They apologized with a "sorry lady" when they went in... but still! What makes them think it's okay to do that in the building's yard? Either hold it, intrude on the person having the shower, or don't do whatever caused it while someone is showering! There are kids in the building that play in the yard! Ugh!!!!!!! Plus, it's not what I want to see people doing when I look out my window!!!!!!!!

I've let my landlord know, and asked if he knows the owner of the building next door so that I can complain. Grrrr.

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