Friday, June 12, 2009

*Screech* *Pop*

Today's window entertainment appears to be bumper cars. Two sets (a pair and a triple), probably related, but a block apart.

1. How stupid is it to drive away (after the proper exchange of information) with an airbag hanging from your steering wheel?

2. I am *so* (not) looking forward to the additional traffic that will be coming this way when the Disraeli bridge closes for construction. (When will that happen? It's a mystery.)

In other driving craziness on this two block street, the other day some eedjit in a pick-up nearly caused a high-speed head-on crash when he was in the on-coming lane in a reckless attempt to pass. My street is four lane, but the two outer lanes dead-end at the bridge (one lane each way), and the bridge is at a slight angle to the road, limiting visibility. *Why* would you drive at high speeds in the oncoming lane, heading towards a two-lane bridge that you can't see onto? The oncoming traffic didn't have anywhere to go! (The near-accident happened right at the road/bridge joining.) Thankfully everyone's brakes were in good working order, because that could have been really ugly. Did the eedjit stop to apologize? No, he screeched off. (The vehicle who was nearly run into pulled over to the side street, then *everyone* waited ...either in shock, or in support... while he turned to follow the eedjit, presumably to get the licence plates.)

I'm creating a new post tag: eedjits. Sadly, I think it may get used a lot.

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