Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Feeling anti-social tonight. I had a nice time at knit-night, except for one thing... I showed some stitch markers I had made, and which I was going to ask the shop if they were interested in stocking. The store owner wasn't there, so I passed around a sample to the knitters, to see what they thought. They thought they were cute. I said what the selling price would need to be in order for me to earn minimum wage for my time. The general consensus seemed to be that the price was absolutely outrageous. I can't expect to earn minimum wage, don't be ridiculous. I need to do it for the love of it.

Needless to say, I won't be selling them in the local shop. (I'm not going to bother asking the owner now... much of her clientèle is the knit-night group, and so if they're not going to buy them, they won't sell.) No, I won't consider lowering my prices. I feel that they are well made, and worth the amount. I could make them a faster way, but the quality would drop considerably.

1. I won't sell a product that I would consider inferior and would be disappointed in if I purchased myself.

2. I won't sell a product at a below minimum wage rate simply because people believe it's not worth it. Doing so devalues the item, and also prevents others from earning a reasonable wage for their work.

3. If I'm going to do it "for the love of it", I'll make them for myself, or for gifts... not some unknown buyer.

My income this summer is lower than expected, and so I had wanted to earn a little "fun money". "Love" does not buy yarn, food, or even pay the electric bill.

After I take and post a photo, I'll quiz you on what you think I was asking for them, and what you think they're worth. After I get a few responses, I'll post the answer to the first question, and then compare that price to other items people frequently buy. (Unless you want me to stuff a sock in it, in which case don't post comments with guesses on the photo post.)

The other thing that is getting me occasionally down this week is the downstairs neighbour situation, my dream of one day owning a house and how that's not very practical right now, my unpaid time in August, the fact that I only work half time... basically how I am not where I had imagined I would be by now. (But then, who is?)


Andrea said...

Hey! Why don't you try and etsy shop then? You can set your own prices and people will be able to see the quality of your stitch markers! Plus you get to stipulate a shipping rate as well. Granted my own shop is desolate since I I felt my own stitch markers left something to be desired... but I think it might work well for you.

noricum said...

I might try that, although there's a lot of work associated with the set-up, I'd have to get a business paypal account, plus I'd actually have to make it to the post office... ;)