Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Clue?

I'm starting to think the green and blue glasses *aren't* actually by the same company. I was checking out this list of Jennette Glass, which seems pretty comprehensive, and the blue knights aren't in it. Then, while wandering around a thrift store today (not the one with the sale, I didn't get there before they closed), I found these:
Thrift Store Glasses
I loved the Japanese ladies, but I didn't buy them for several reasons... they don't seem as well made as mine (no gilding, and missing parts on the transfer), I already have enough glasses, and they were $5 for the set of three. However, they did have a mark on the bottom:
Mark On Bottom
Flipped the correct way around (as would be seen while drinking), we see a script L in a circle between the numbers 4 and 5:
Mark On Bottom, Flipped
This mark is different than the one used on some Jeannette glassware, which is a J, sometimes in a square. (Jeannette glassware is frequently unmarked, as are my glasses.)

Now, I did see one etsy seller with my pattern being sold as Jeannette, but that person could have been mislead by the similarities, as I was. Given that I've now seen patterns by at least two companies, I suspect that it was a somewhat common style during a certain period, sometime in the 1950s. (That's the date range I've seen associated with the Jeannette pattern.)


Dianne said...

The cursive L in a circle is a trademark for Libbey Glass Co. in Toledo, Ohio. That mark was first used in 1955. The numbers on either side of the "L" are most likely mold indicators - if there were a lot of flaws in certain runs of glassware, they could trace it back to the machine and mold using the numbers. I work in a glass museum, and am full of useless information like this!

noricum said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :) I love information like that! I'll google that company, and see if they made my glasses. :) (I now know who made my modern sheep juice glasses too, since I happened to notice last night that they have a script L on the bottom.)