Friday, June 26, 2009


It's raining today, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow too. So much for my plan to pull dandelions from the apartment lawn, and other gardening tasks. (Anyone who suggests gardening anyway has not experienced Red River gumbo.) I had left Sunday relatively unplanned, so perhaps I'll get to garden then.

On the bright side, the rain should keep Mr Party-Of-One indoors.

The question, now, is whether the rain will keep me from going out and running errands I had planned for today? My errands:
• Call WW to see if Mona is in, and bring a sample of the stitch markers by.
• Stop in at the antique store my bus goes by each day, and check the price of a chest of drawers that matches my desk. (But do not buy it.) If possible, get some details about it, in case they also apply to my desk.
• Stop in at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop, since they're having a 50% off sale today and tomorrow.
• Stop in at the hardware store for a few things I need.
• Make another attempt at finding a replacement pair of sandals. (I've worn through the outer sole on one foot, and am probably not that far off on the other. I don't think they're the type that can be resoled, plus they're a $30 Walmart pair, and so have probably reached the end of their life anyway.)
If I don't go, the plus side is that I won't be spending money... both on things I need, and things I get tempted by. The downside of not going is that I'd miss the sale, and also have to wait longer for the things I need. Of course, the things I need aren't urgent, which leans towards just having a lazy day at home. (Possibly catching up on some of the stuff I want to do here.)

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