Friday, June 05, 2009


1. WTF is up with the weather? Where is summer? On the news just now, they said we've had below normal temperature weather for six months now! Today was definitely on the nippy side, and we have a frost warning tonight! A forecast of -1 C! In *June*! (Looks like I might get away without buying a quiet air conditioner for my bedroom again this year. Right now I just have a noisy one in the kitchen.)

2. Holey cannoli, Batman! I used one of my bags with the padded handles today, and those handles are *shaweet*! They'll probably be awkward if you want to carry several bags in each hand, but with only one? Bliss!

3. Today the Estate Store was advertising an oak desk somewhat similar to mine, and it gave me some new terms to google mine. I found this one that looks like a twin to mine! Well, mine isn't a "partner's desk", but it looks enough like mine that could have come from practically the same tree! To me, that means that mine is probably made circa 1920, by a company in Calgary, Alberta. Given the damage to mine, the missing trim and kick-plate (or whatever the back piece is called), and the fact that it's a regular desk rather than a partner's desk, I'm guessing mine wouldn't be worth anywhere near $10,000... but it's fun to imagine that it is worth a decent amount. ;) (It's worth a bunch to me, and that's what counts. I still can't believe that some idiot painted it. *sheesh*) I must e-mail that place to see if I can find out anything more about their desk that might apply to my desk.

4. While googling desks, I found bookshelves that I fell in *love* with! (In perusing local antique shops, I haven't found much in the way of bookshelves.) One day, I'd love to have something like these (check out the leaded glass!) or these (check out the spring-loaded mechanism on the doors). This bookshelf is way more ornate than what I'd want myself, but the detail is fascinating. You just don't see stuff made like that any more.

5. On the same website as above, check out the great hall tree. I love the square detail at the bottom. :)

6. I finished another painting last week that I can't show you yet. But I love it. I can't wait to show you the secret set!

7. The painting workshop last weekend was lots of fun, and I learned some great stuff... however, I have yet another half-finished painting now. *sigh*

8. I got caught up on my dishes today. Yay! Then I went and dirtied some more eating dinner. *sigh*

9. I took five pairs of shorts to WW to sell on consignment. They shrunk over the winter. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.) Could they please sell for enough that I can buy yarn? (I got an absolutely pathetic amount for the blouses I took in last fall... something less than $2 for the pair of them.) I actually had a total seven pairs of shorts that shrunk, but one pair has a few light stains that would disqualify it for consignment, and I really like the fabric in the other, so I think I'll save it to make something from it. I'm thinking of playing with the stained pair... adding a bit of embroidery over the stains, and adding "expansion panels" to the sides. It depends on whether I have the time between all of my other projects. ;) (The colour is right to use leftover "peace & love" fabric for the expansion panels, so it's not like it'll cost me anything besides time.)

10. I bought the single size E hook that WW had in stock. That brings me back up to three, with the one my mom found in her car. (I thought that might be where the second lost one disappeared, but I hadn't been able to find it myself.)

11. Deluca's is *evil*. ("Evil" in a good way, of course.) I had planned on wandering over to Ram Wools to say hi, since I was in the neighbourhood anyway, but I stopped in Deluca's to buy the makings of a sandwich... and ended up with many other tasty treats. By the time I came out, it was nearly 6:00, so I didn't continue on to Ram Wools. (I think they close at 6 on Fridays.)


aniexma said...

! The padded handles on the totoe bags are FABULOUS!

I've been using mine often - love, love, love that Zodiac fabric!

aniexma said...

Sorry, I meant TOTE bag not totoe bag. I can't type and watch the screen at the same time...

noricum said...

Yay! I like happy customers!!! (No matter how they type. ;) )

Sara said...

I am in love with the bookshelves!