Monday, June 15, 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yikes... over the weekend the weather has switched from a reluctant, late spring to full-on summer, and I am *hot*! There was a strong breeze earlier (judging from the papers blown around and the tipped-over plant), but now the air is dead. Could someone please turn the breeze back on? I'd like to take advantage of the cooling outdoor temperatures, please.

Speaking of temperature, I forgot to blog this in my last random post. Remember the wonky thermometer? Well, after warming up to it's fresh batteries, it's acting completely normal. How bizarre! (Nice, but bizarre.)

It's 27 C in my apartment. :(

Well, I think I'll catch up on my "Found on Flickr" posts, then see how many dishes I can wash before melting into a little puddle. :( (I hate washing dishes when it's hot out. And no, I don't have my AC in the window yet... it's still in the basement. Did I mention that last week it was still only spring?)


Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bed I'd kill for your "hot" weather in place of mine? ;)

It's been hovering at or just below 100 degrees F here in Houston all week.

noricum said...

Yet another reason why I don't live in Houston. ;) (The first being that it's in the USA.)

Corinna said...

It's hot up here in Swan River too. At 9am sunday morning it was +28 in my livingroom. ugh. So I lugged my 50 lb unit up from the basement and installed it myself at 5pm that day after deciding it was worth the possible back injury just so I could be cool! I only strained a few back muscles. Totally worth it! lol
Do you have any fans? Perhaps you could set a bowl of ice water infront of a fan?
Hope you can cool off soon!

noricum said...

I would try installing the AC myself, but last fall when I took it out myself, it slipped and put a big gouge in the wall. Since I'm renting, I figure I should get help in order to prevent damage. Plus, if it slips out the window, it would leave a pretty big dent on the front lawn. (I'm on the third floor.) :(

It's humid tonight, but at least there's a breeze... so my apartment should cool off fairly soon, assuming the rain doesn't start. (I had to leave the windows mostly closed today due to the chance of thundershowers.)

I have two fans... I should lug those up from downstairs too. (And clean some of the dust so that I don't start a dust storm when I turn them on. ;) )