Friday, June 19, 2009

Heat Wave

Dang it... I just realized this sweltering heat is my fault. Why? Because I committed an act of weather magic, and knit a tuque:
Tuque Tuque
Whenever I knit something for cold weather, the weather gets warm. Whenever I knit something for warm weather, the weather turns cold. (Murphy and I are great friends.) I had thought this wouldn't apply if I were knitting a tuque in the summer (after all, I didn't expect to wear it until late fall anyway), but I guess I was wrong.

Thanks Murphy. *sigh*

PS: Unless I'm forgetting something, this is my first stranded knitting project. The floats near the brim are on the tight side, the design doesn't show up as well as I had been hoping, and it's rather long... but on the whole, it's a good hat. It will keep my head warm. The chart is basically the one from EZ's Knitting Workshop.

PPS: Do you think the farmers would lynch me if I started knitting a tank top? I have one in my stash that I've been meaning to start...

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Anonymous said...

We shan't tell them!