Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's late, and I should be in bed, but I'm enjoying the cool evening air for a bit first. :)

I finished knitting a towel topper for a kitchen hand towel tonight. Front:
Hand Towel
(Don't forget that you can click for biggy view.) Back:
I like the design I came up with, if I do say so myself! I like how the stripes in the towel are echoed by the 4x4 ribbing, and how the decreases cause the towel to fold neatly into thirds.

Now, which button to choose? Since buttons can be pricey, and I'm starting to collect some nice ones, I thought I'd start out with my stash. (It just occurred to me that I have some more that aren't in my button tin, but I'll finish this post tonight anyway, and search those ones out later.) Here are the choices I think work reasonably well:
To review them all together, side by side:
Now, I know which I'm leaning towards and against, but I thought I'd check what you think before telling you which I'm favouring. I have two towels (well, after finishing the second one) that need buttons, so I can pick the top two choices. If the dark brown one is the clear leader, I happen to have three of it. (The rest are all singles. I'll only have one towel out at a time, so it's fine if they don't match.) So... what do you think?

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Kate said...

I like the blue it picks up on the stripe! Sockmad/Kate