Sunday, June 21, 2009


So, the music got louder. Then some sirens roared down the front street, and the music stopped. After a bit, it started up again. It stops whenever someone drives past, or when he's on the phone.

When it got quiet for a bit I went to check to see if maybe he had packed it in for the night. He was on the phone, and I could hear him talking about me. Whoever he was talking to, he was calling me crazy, and saying all the neighbours hate me. (I know the heavy smoker hates me, and that the caretaker has decided to not like me too, but I know that the other two people on my floor *do* like me, one lady is timid and probably has no opinion about me and probably dislikes him, and the final lady, if she doesn't like me, she does a good job hiding it. So, if anything, I have him outnumbered.) Anyway, he's assumed I called the cops on him (yes, but this is the first time I've done so, the other times it was a different lady), and he's specifically trying to annoy me.



Prairie Chicken... said...

I feel for ya. The last apartment we lived in, we had two drunks living across the hall who fought all the time. I called the cops on them at least twice and I know that other folks in our building did as well... they totally hated me for it.

apartment living can be brutal when you're surrounded by a-holes.

noricum said...

*Thanks*. (You're not just saying that because you read my blog, and not his? ;) )

Prairie Chicken... said...

From the sounds of things it doesn't seem like mr-party-of-one is my kinda dude. Mind you, if he was coherant enough to hand write you a note about your sewing machine being on at all hours of the night.. well it might make for some interesting rants about "the b!tch upstairs sewing into the wee hours"

Seriously, I can't believe he's complaining about your sewing machine. Really?