Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fun And A FO

Hee hee! Fun with eyeballs!

Awwww... look at the cute little squiddy:
Fun With Squid Toque

I'm feeling kind of scrambled:
Fun With Squid Toque

All your eyeball are belong to us:
Fun With Squid Toque

Just kidding, this is where they go:
Fun With Squid Toque

And here it is finished:
Squid Toque

But, since I don't think I've shown my head enough on the blog recently, here's some more mug shots:
Squid Toque Squid Toque Squid Toque
Had enough now? Well, you'll probably get to see me again in a few days when I finish C's toque. ;)


jess said...

woohoo! it looks great! really. :)

how'd you do the eyeballs? [is there a closeup on flickr?]

noricum said...

Crochet. I'll post a photo. :)