Friday, January 22, 2010


It's *raining*! In *Winnipeg*, in *January*!?!?! I think this makes three years in a row! Climate change sure is effing up the weather.

Harper: get off you butt, and do something!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ma'am!

(oh, wait, I don't think you were referring to me!)

Temp here in Houston this morning is 70 or so. :P

noricum said...

No, I was referring to Stephen Harper, the idiot who *isn't* running Canada. (But won't let anyone else run it either.)

What's Houston's normal January temp? (Winnipeg's normal January temperature is well below freezing.)

Anonymous said...

The average high for January here is in the low 60s, and the average low is 40. We've totally busted both of those out of the water this month. :P

Temps were in the 20s a couple weeks ago, and we hit 77 or so today for the high. :P

All temps in Fahrenheit! ;)

noricum said...

Crazy!! I've heard there's some pretty bonkers rain in Arizona right now too.