Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

Third day of not getting to bed until 2 am, and then having to get up at 6:30 am. I would have managed to be in bed earlier last night, but I forgot to get the bread machine going before I went to knitting, and so had to wait over three hours after I got home before I could go to bed. (The bread machine itself takes three hours, plus there's a bit of time to add the ingredients, then cool and slice the bread afterwards.) I'm *wiped*. I'd have a nap, but I need to prep for class this afternoon. :(

There appears to be a bunch of kids in the atrium with hovercraft. (I had to look up the plural of hovercraft. Apparently it isn't a word I often try to use in the plural form.) The "track" for the hovercraft includes a shallow pool of water... sadly, there are no eels in the pool. I wasn't able to see if the hovercraft themselves contained eels, though, so perhaps there's hope. With the way I'm feeling this morning, any hovercraft really need eels. (Or perhaps I need chocolate.)

Question for knitters: How many strands of sport weight yarn (24 sts per 4") would you hold together to equal two strands of worsted weight yarn held together? ...I just realized how stupid that question is... not that it's not an interesting question, but I'm using a pattern I winged, so I could just choose three vs four strands, and wing the new gauge. A better question would be how much yardage I used for the last hat, so I know that I won't run out if I use the 50 g balls of superwash wool I'm considering instead, of the big skeins of acrylic I used on the last hats. Duh.

I need to get more sleep.

Photo of the hat I want to reproduce, but in different colours:
hat In progress
Uh... apparently I forgot to take photos of the finished hats. (I'm doing that fairly often with my knitting these days.) The two hats are awesome and squooshy and warm, though. (Well, I got back a review on the warmth from one person, I haven't remembered to ask the other person, though.)

Thank goodness... on my way from the washroom, I ran into my officemate from my other office, and he was headed over to UMSU to get some food, so I gave him some cash and asked him to pick up some chocolate covered almonds. They don't quite make up for lack of sleep, but they help.

Mmmmm... eating chocolate covered almonds. Thanks F! (Not that he knows I have a blog. I'll thank him again in person later.)

Here's a random photo from last summer, found while looking for hat photos:
I don't know about you, but that rather hits the spot, right about now.

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