Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Opinion Poll

I have two throw pillows that match my couch. I occasionally set them decoratively when I have company, otherwise I just move them to somewhere else whenever I want to use the space they're in. Should I:
1. find somewhere to store the cushions, should I decide I want them,
2. keep the covers, but toss the inner cushions, thus minimizing space but keeping my options open, or
3. toss the cushions, covers and all?
Thank you for your advice.

(This couch was a hand-me-down, but is in excellent condition. It's not necessarily the couch I would have chosen, but it is not objectionable.)

Note 1: Yes, I'm up past my bedtime. I went into the living room to do some "cramming" for tomorrow, and had to move the cushions in order to sit on the "more comfortable for reading" chair rather than the "positioned for watching TV" couch. The cushions had previously been moved off the couch in order to nap.

Note 2: I do have a gorgeous throw pillow that my grandma embroidered, and that one is staying. (It is my pillow when napping, beyond being beautiful.)


Deneen said...

Store them in a closet

Prairie Chicken... said...

geez I dunno.
The pack rat in me wants to say keep & store them. But sometimes neat and orderly storage isn't really an option.