Friday, January 29, 2010


It took me around 50 minutes to hack my dad's wife's car out of the snowdrift so I could pick the two of them up from the airport. (I didn't even do the shovelling properly... I just shifted it enough to get the car out.) I did get there on time... after they had arrived, but before their luggage had. Even with a short wait (but a long walk to and from the parking garage), parking was an outrageous $3.75. For $3.75, I want a %#$&ing heated walkway! (The parking garage should be better situated to the new terminal... whenever that gets built.)

Dad did give me $20 in return for parking and shovelling. I see a bath and/or hot chocolate in my future.

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Rhiannon said...

They actually do have a heated walkway if you park on the second floor and go through the hotel. I hope that helps next time dear ^_^