Sunday, January 03, 2010

Organization Progress Speedbump

Don't you hate it when your cordless drill runs out of oomph half way through a project? I just took half the stuff out of my office closet so that I could put up shelves (using those rails) on the side that doesn't currently have any, and my cordless drill gave up on me. Some people have spare batteries. I don't. I just have one bargain basement drill. (From a discount store. If you drill in the dark, you can see the sparks on the inside. It's yellow, like a DeWalt, but it aint no DeWalt. I'd *love* a DeWalt drill. I used one once. When it comes to drills, there *is* a difference in quality.)

Speaking of drills, I was watching TV the other day, and someone who was screwing things had *two* drills! One for the drill bit for pre-drilling holes, the other with a screwdriver bit for driving screws! How cool is that?!?! That way you don't have to keep switching between drill bit and screwdriver! Of course, that would make more sense for someone who is using drills on a daily basis, rather than someone like me, who pulls out her drill a few times a year.

If I did have two drills, though, I'd make myself a hip-holster, with a drill-holder on each side. And possibly wear a cowboy hat while drilling ;) Okay, not really... but fantasies can be whatever you want. Hmmm... now I'm having daydreams of having a hot drill-boy (like "pool boy", *not* like "underage male") to hold and hand me my drills. Perhaps I should go wash dishes while I wait for my battery to charge. (If I have a drill-boy, I'd like a dish-boy too. And a personal chef, who cooks tasty, healthy meals. And...)

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