Friday, January 15, 2010

Apartment Temperature

This morning, the apartment was still above 22 C, even though I had the kitchen window open about six inches for several hours last night, and my bedroom window open about two inches all night.

I think that's partially what contributed to my bizarre dreams last night. I was skating on a long, narrow ice rink on a cruise ship, and there were some pairs figure skaters as well. I miraculously picked up how to figure skate (my current level of skating is "mostly upright"), and started skating with the others. The ice rink was sponsored by a grocery store, and in return, we did some fancy skating for a commercial for them... and the ice rink was lined on the outside edge with grocery-store-style deli displays (which we got to munch on). At one point, there were budget cutbacks in the grocery store, and the deli displays went drastically downhill. Then, in addition to figure skating and eating, I was also painting pretty back-splashes on the tiles surrounding the deli displays. Near the end of the dream there was something to do with stranded boaters (possibly in a canoe or other small craft), who were accompanied by a whale. One of the other figure skaters was jealous that I got to lie on the whale (I had also stolen her figure skating partner), but then it turns out there was another whale (a black one) that she could lie on.

I woke up drenched.

Dreams are weird.

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