Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just What I Expected

Latest response from the Union:
Yes, I made a mistake typing out the full address. Sorry about that.

At the last CUPE XXXX Annual General Membership Meeting in April 2009, quorum was lost partway through discussions and voting on the by-law changes (perhaps you remember the event). Some by-laws had been approved and these were forwarded to CUPE National for final authorization in June. It is the remainder of the by-laws that is to be approved by the membership at the January 26 meeting.

Copies of current and previous by-laws were made available at the April 2009 meeting. Both sets were also available on the website -- and the membership was notified of this -- for several months prior to that meeting. A notification of the January 26 by-law vote, including the location of the proposed by-laws on the website, was first issued to the membership by email in November 2009. Yours is the first complaint of its kind.

If you would like to take an active part in helping to improve the administration of this Local's affairs, I encourage you to seek nomination to one of the Executive, or Trustee, positions. There is currently one of each vacant.

So, to summarize:
1. The membership is not involved, as predicted.
2. No one has whined before, so why are you whining now? Didn't you get/keep information from last April?
3. You sound like you're interested in having things run properly... so please step forward, so we can give you lots of work to do.

Yeah, I realize I'm putting a negative spin on things. ;) I figure that if I'm paying for it, I can mock what I'm getting. (Especially if they make it difficult for me to take moderate interest in the goings-on. My choices seem to be all or nothing.)

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