Sunday, January 24, 2010

Linen Hand Towel

Linen Handtowel

I felt an urge to have an FO, and fewer things on the coffee table, and this was the closest to being done. Now it's done. I would have preferred it to be less square and more rectangular, but not enough that I wanted to rip it all out once I noticed I had screwed up my calculation on how many stitches to cast on. It'll do.

Of course, this'll reduce the number of "brainless knits" I have available (I think the rest of the stuff on my coffee table requires more thought), but I have a ball of Hempathy marinating in stash that I think will make a fine hand towel, should I decide I need more seed stitch. Which I probably will. (Note to self: locate Hempathy for emergency brainless knitting.)

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