Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What the outdoors actually look like:

(Photos taken yesterday morning. Or was it Monday morning? I think perhaps it was Monday morning. The hoar frost sure was pretty, though.)


Deneen said...

As much as I loathe winter and the snow, your pictures are amazing and I love em.

noricum said...

Thank you! It was really pretty out that day, and the temperatures this week have actually been reasonably nice.

Sara said...

Very pretty pictures. Still doesn't convince me we *need* winter. Bleh.

Allergy Mom said...

I HAD to comment, because the word verification characters came up with my last name!! Also, those pictures remind me of the "seasons greetings" cards from my childhood years when I used to wish I was in a fun place with snowy winters. Sure would be nice to enjoy that kind of scenery a few days in the year.

noricum said...

I've got a hide-a-bed, if you want to come visit sometime! (I can probably borrow some "real" winter clothing for you and your family.)