Saturday, January 30, 2010


Some spam-bot in Taiwan has figured out how to bypass the "word verification", so I've had to turn off anonymous commenting, and turn on comment moderation for older posts. Blargh. Deleting 15 spam comments sure takes a lot of clicks!

Speaking of spam comments, a sure way to turn a compliment into an insult is to leave a generic comment that you love someone's blog, but when they go to check your blog, there's a post saying that to increase hits to your blog, you should comment on other people's blogs... and it's clear from your blog that you have absolutely no interest in the blog you commented on. I've had to delete two of those this week. (I was going to leave the first, but changed my mind.)


Deneen said...

I have comment moderation and daily am getting spam comments, at least 3-4 a day. One always starts, Good morning sun shines! Others are in Russian and then there are the few that say "love your site, thanks for all you publish". I don't know why, in the past month the constant barrage.

noricum said...

Word verification used to be enough to take care of them for me... with comment moderation, you still need to read the stupid things.

I suppose "good morning sun shines" is at least a cheerful way to start a spam. My 15 were all the same spam message, arrived within half an hour of each other, were on a random selection of posts, and were all identical. The entire text was linked to a Taiwanese domain, most was in what I assume was Taiwanese, although the word "sex" appeared in English. Blargh.

Is it too much to hope they'll either get bored with it, or Blogger will find a way to stop them? *sigh*