Friday, January 29, 2010


The first years have an assignment due today, and not one has come to ask me a question this morning! (Besides asking how to find their professors' offices to submit the honesty declarations.) I've only had one brief question from a second year student.

So, instead of helping students, I've:
• written up the sample solution to the first exercise in my online course
• e-mailed the sample solution to those students who completed the exercise
• e-mailed the students who didn't do the exercise to find out what's up
• e-mailed one student who only managed half the exercise to see if he wanted to talk about it, and give it another shot before I send him the solution
• downloaded and forwarded some files related to a potential academic dishonesty case from a previous term
• visited the ladies room a number of times... I'm having a bit of a "gastrointestinal oddity", that hopefully won't mature into a real problem.

Well, now I'll look at the draft assignment for my regular course, and then work on class prep for this afternoon. (Unless I've jinxed things, and the next 17 minutes is standing room only in the help centre, of course...)

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