Friday, January 15, 2010

Failure To Launch

I was up late prepping for this weekend's silk painting workshop I'm giving. Although I get a reasonable amount of sleep on the weekends, during the week I'm definitely running a sleep debt.

This morning, my alarm went off at 6:30, as it was supposed to. What I *thought* happened next was I hit the snooze button once (ten minutes, still plenty of time to make it in to work on time), then, when the alarm went off again, I turned it over to the radio, got up, and went to the washroom. Had this indeed been what happened next, it should have been about 6:44 when I got back from the washroom.

It was not 6:44. It was 7:30. $H!T!!!!!

Through the miracle of wacky bus schedules, and the fact that I normally plan to be in to work a bit before I'm supposed to start, I was only 20 minutes late... but still. I feel bad.

I *suspect* what happened is that after I turned the alarm over to the radio, I passed out. Cursed sleep debt.

I still have more workshop prep to do tonight, but I *think* I can get it done early enough so that I can still squeak in eight hours of sleep. I hope. Fingers crossed.

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