Monday, January 04, 2010


Where have the holidays gone?!? I'm not ready!

I'm being eased in gently, at least. Tomorrow I have an 11:00 appointment. That means I should catch the 9:40 bus, which means I should get up no later than 8:30. The part of my job that requires I get up at 6:30 doesn't start until next week. However, my 3 am bedtimes followed by noon wake-ups have *got* to stop. (The noon wake-ups will get me fired, the 3 am bedtimes will kill my health if not grouped with noon wake-ups.)

I am *not* ready for Wednesday, when teaching starts. *sigh* The clock is ticking. Off to do more prep, and hopefully be in bed by 12:30 to get eight hours of sleep...

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