Monday, January 04, 2010

Life in the Salt Mines

Working, working, working. I've accomplished a lot more over this break than I normally do over breaks. Why is it that I still have a Mt Everest "to do" pile looming before me? Gack!

My main work focus has switched from office-tidying to course-prep. (Not that I wasn't doing any course prep before, or that I plan to stop office tidying now.) I can't wait to have my "real" desk set up... it will be so nice to be able to spread my course prep stuff out over the desk, rather than on yet-to-be-unpacked boxes. *sigh* I am getting closer, though. Perhaps I'll get the final push done over "spring" break. (Or before? Please let it be before! Working, working, working...)

Previously it was too hot in my apartment, so I cracked the bedroom window for fresh air, and opened the kitchen window when doing dishes. Recently the indoor temperature seems to have dropped. I no longer need to open the kitchen window, and I closed the bedroom window several days ago. It's still only 18.0 C in the hall, or 14.7 C on the kitchen windowsill. (That thermometer is physically tethered to the outdoor sensor on a not-terribly-long wire. I've rearranged the contents on the top of the fridge to make room for it there now, but that's the only other place it will reach. I have a choice of having that one biased by fridge-heat or window-cold.)

18 C is kind of nippy in my jammies, but it's fine after I'm dressed and wearing a nice wool sweater. Even better when I have a large wool knitting project on my lap. ;) I've been up for a while, but I've been putting off my shower. (I always do that on home days... no idea why.) I think I should go shower now, so I can get warm!

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