Sunday, December 07, 2008

Winnipeg Free Press Article

Winnipeg Free Press: University library bans Christmas trees

Huh... UNC Chapel Hill managed to make Winnipeg news. So, the UNC library doesn't want to put up a pagan symbol that has been adopted by both Christian and many secular cultures? (Not that they see it that way.) It's funny down there... in order to "not make anyone unwelcome", they do exclusionary things like this... instead of choosing an inclusionary path like celebrating all major holidays of all major groups. (For example, they could do something like designate a space for a celebratory display for any student group that wants to organize something. Who knows... someone could *learn* something.)

Yep, that's something I certainly don't miss about my days down south.


Sara said...

That is not necessarily a problem of the south. It is a problem all over the US.

noricum said...

Yes, well, I didn't want to overgeneralize, since I haven't lived many places in the US.