Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Tree

Yesterday, despite the cold, my dad and I went out Christmas tree hunting. Here I am with the successful kill, Swatchy, and the pruning shears I used to "chop" the tree down:
Tree Hunting
(Note the completely fogged up glasses.) To tree-huggers who don't like the use of live trees: this tree was either growing from the same stump, or immediately beside, another (somewhat smaller) tree, so taking this tree will help the other one grow to it's full potential (as another ditch-Christmas-tree). Also, this is a ditch tree, which means it would have been chopped down eventually when the province got around to clearing the road allowance there.

Here's the tree thawing, in it's undecorated, Charlie Brown state:
Undecorated Tree
How do you like my classy tree stand?
Classy Tree Stand
It consists of a bucket borrowed from my step-dad, patio stones that used to form their sidewalk, and a bungee cord (I supplied that... I bought a four-pack at Dollarama).

And here it is again, after being attacked by me and my boxes full of ornaments:
Decorated Tree
It looks like I *did* manage to successfully accumulate enough ornaments over the years for a real tree! (This is my first real tree.) I didn't even have to use all of them. (Good taste might have recommended that I use fewer...) I still want to get some white LED Christmas lights, the twisted tin tinsel that Lee Valley sells, and a real tree stand, of course. (I had wanted to get a red wooden bead garland too, but I think it's fine without. The beads would probably be too heavy for the branches anyway.) I had been intending to use some of my fabric stash to make a tree skirt, but I don't think a tree skirt will work with the bucket stand... so I guess there's no rush to make it until after I have a real tree stand.

I set up the soft trees on the TV and VCR:
Soft Trees

My stocking is hanging on one of the wall units, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

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