Monday, December 22, 2008

A Sign?

I think bloglines is trying to tell me something... it keeps re-marking posts as new, especially the Word of the Day:
laggard: wasting time
I would like to point out to bloglines that I have indeed started the dishes, and could it please stop marking this one as new? (It comes up double each time, too.)

I have stopped my dishes half way through, though... the masking tape and liquid bandaid gave out, so I'm giving my finger time to de-prune before reapplying and doing the rest. (It might have lasted had I only applied the finger-condom just before starting the dishes, but I wanted to be careful when I was bleeding the registers: the caretaker had put cockroach powder in the ends where the pipes went through the floor to make sure the roaches didn't decide to come into my apartment. I'd rather not have poison getting into my cut.)

I'm starting to feel pretty hopeful about having my apartment ship-shape in time for Boxing Day. (That's when everyone is due to come over to my place.) Well, all of my apartment except my "office", which is where many things are being deposited "to be dealt with later". My office has a door, though, and I may just close it. ;)

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