Monday, December 15, 2008

A Friend To Be Thankful For...

Yesterday, hbacmama rescued me.

Yesterday afternoon, after the tree hunting, I was having my own private rave in my apartment (courtesy the downstairs neighbour), but I wasn't in the mood for a rave. (Now, granted, it wasn't *that* loud, but it had been going on since the previous evening.) While waiting for the tree to thaw, I called my grandma, and then hbacmama.

Not only did hbacmama invite me over, but she fed me a fabulous dinner, let me use her ball winder, made me cocoa (with *real* marshmallows), and even Toffee Crunch Blondies! Mmmm! I was in heaven.

Sock yarn cakes:
Winding Yarn

I am eternally grateful for last night. Thank you!!!

(I was going to say that now I have all of my sock yarn wound, but then when I got home I remembered the two hanks under the tree that I got from H. Whoops! Oh well... the winding that I did do took somewhere around two hours, and I was tired of winding after that.)

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