Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gearing Up For Christmas


I'm such a little kid, getting excited about Christmas! (Even though I'm not religious, I love Christmas... to me, it's a celebration of friends and family.)

Aside: Hmmm... I think I just discovered where "Tis" comes from... I had a little typing accident with "it's".

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few Christmassy links I'm collecting in browser tabs:
A really cool "brown paper packages tied up with string" giftwrap idea. (I think I now have ideas as to what I can use my neglected stamp collection for... possibly even as decorations?)
Beaded felt Christmas tree ornaments
No-sew fabric tree ornament tutorial
Clay ornament tutorial

(This will not be the last of such posts...)

I still have a *ton* of things to do to prepare for Christmas. I've got pretty much all of the shopping done, but the cleaning, decorating and crafting/cooking... is it possible to make negative progress? :P

The stocking/Santa swap is going well... I just need to get two more people their stockings, and then open mine Christmas morning. :) (Since I'll be waking up in my own home, instead of one filled with family, I wanted something a little special waiting for me... so I organized a swap where everyone contributes something small to everyone else's stocking. :) )

Oh... and I got an extra prezzy for under my tree! (Which I have yet to chop down and decorate.) My aunt M sent me a loom! I took a photo, but I have yet to get it off my camera and onto the web, so that will have to wait for later. (I'd do it now, but I'm getting just enough questions in the help centre that I don't want to do it now. I wouldn't be posting this, but I started when there were no questions at all, and I figured I'd finish.)

Hmmm... now to ponder what kind of gingerbread creation I'd like to make this year (assuming I have time)...

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