Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Lovely Christmas Morning

Christmas morning has been lovely! (I've been doing my best to ignore everything that still needs cleaning.) I slept in, then spent the rest of the morning in my pajamas. (I'll be hopping in the shower right after I'm done writing this.) I opened my stocking swap stocking (plus a present from my neighbour):
Christmas Morning
Stocking Swap Goodies
What wonderful goodies! (I had one of the teas already this morning!) One thing in the stocking not pictured here are the stitch markers, one of which has already been put to use on my thrummed mitten:
Stocking Stitch Markers

Well, now I should shower, and then wrap the presents for Christmas at my moms! I hope you're all having a fantastic Christmas too! (And remember to ignore the cleaning that didn't get done!)

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