Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Daft

Last night I shelled walnuts. (Yes, I know you can buy them shelled, but the bulk nuts sold at Christmas time always seem way fresher than anything I have ever bought in a bag.)
Shelling Walnuts
I ended up with two cups of nuts, a bag of misc crushed shells (hmmm... dyeing?), and whole half shells that I'm going to hang onto for crafting purposes.

Some of the whole half shells still had extra shell stuck to them, so I decided to clean them up a bit. I thought to myself "I need to be careful so that I don't cut myself." What happens? The knife slips, and I jab the tip of my left index finger rather deeply. (Not emergency-room worthy, unless my cleaning was insufficient and it decides to get infected, but it's definitely going to leave a scar.) *sigh*

Anyone have any recommendations on how to wash a sink full of dirty dishes with a nasty cut on one finger? Perhaps that left glove I have left over from refinishing will be long enough...

It's making typing rather difficult too. (I touch type, and the bandaged finger is fat, stiff, and can't feel the keyboard. It's also the one used for e and d, both very common letters, and on top of it, it seems to be throwing off the rest of my hand.)

This is what I get for doing something non-essential when I should be tidying and cleaning my apartment...


Dianne said...

Srue you can buy already-shelled walnuts, but you can also buy already-made socks... Neither one is as good as doing it yourself, right?

kirsten said...

masking tape, y'know that yellow-ish stuff. Works a charm on cuts.
No, I'm not kidding. This is from the person who used to cut glass and frames and herself on a regular basis.

noricum said...

Masking tape? Interesting! I assume you mean as a bandage in general, rather than for washing dishes? (Masking tape doesn't stick well when wet, does it?) Do you put it directly on the wound, or use anything absorbent?