Sunday, December 21, 2008


Although I didn't let the finger stop me from working on the desk, I've decided to let the dishes pile up a few more days. I have enough, and I'd like to give it more of a chance to heal before I soak it for an hour.

'C' is another character that I normally type with my injured finger. It's also fairly common. Today's bandage isn't as bulky or stiff, so I am having a bit of an easier time typing, though.

I did get around to doing some tidying today. (Yay!) I still have lots more, and what I did do isn't perfect. (That will come with time, I hope.)

Tomorrow I go shopping with Dad for the stocking stuffers. (We go to Scoop N Weigh, because his friend owns it. These are *not* waist-friendly stockings! ;) ) We're also going to stop at the grocery store so that I can pick up a few things, including the last of what I need for Christmas dinner. (Which has been rescheduled for Boxing Day, due to dad's fiancee having plans with her family on Christmas Eve. Having some additional time to prepare is nice!)

I've set my alarm for mid-morning so that perhaps I'll get a *bit* more done tomorrow. Speaking of which, I should get to bed.

New noise from the downstairs neighbour: perhaps a squeaky... spring? I can't tell what it is. It seems to be coming from their weight room, so I'm guessing it's weights related. When I first heard it this morning, I thought it was one of the kids from across the hall being upset over something. (It's an odd noise... kind of like a seagull.) Luckily it's not too loud. (I wonder what he'd do if I knocked on his door and offered him some of my sewing machine oil? It might be too thin for whatever is making the noise.)

Speaking of apartment stuff, the landlord spoke with the caretaker, and says the fire alarm is now fixed. At any rate, it hasn't gone off since yesterday morning. (Thank goodness!)

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