Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was fantastic!!! Christmas day at mom's was wonderful (I got wireless! and a ball winder! and everyone loved what I got them!), and so was boxing day with the dad side of the family here! There was no fighting or even unpleasantness, everyone *loved* the food (boy, are we stuffed!), and my brother set up my wireless for me too. :)

The walnut roll turned out *perfect*! It's not quite the same as my grandma's... mine apparently tastes more "walnutty", and mine was sweeter too (which my dad is a *big* fan of... as are the rest of us), so I count that as a success. Shelling the fresh walnuts did taste a lot better than the stale bag ones... even my dad noticed the difference. (He had been a non-believer before.)

Mmmmm! I think I'll roll in for an early bed tonight. ;) The dishes can wait until morning. (My dad's fiancée offered to help me with them, but there aren't an unreasonable number, especially considering the amount of food, so I thought it nicer to relax with family after dinner, and I'll attack them tomorrow.) My finger even seems healed enough that I can wash dishes without gloves!

I didn't get all of the cleaning done that I had wanted to do... but the place was reasonably presentable, and I'll get to the rest over the course of the next week. (Which I plan to be more relaxing than the past week!)

My intentions for this next week of vacation: Do the rest of the cleaning (or as much as I can manage while still relaxing), make some more bobbins and shelves with my dad, finish the desk, and have my mom, Bob, and grandma over for New Years dinner. (I figure I should feed them too... but I won't get as elaborate as I did for tonight. Lighter fare will be nice, I think.)

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Vik said...

I´m glad you had a happy Christmas!