Monday, December 15, 2008

Flipping Cold!!!

The current temperature is -28C, with a windchill of -39C. Brrr! Someone somewhere screwed up... we're getting *January* weather in December!

The fire alarm went off again this morning, this time as I was buck nekkid, drying off after my shower. Sheesh! The caretaker showed me where he's going to stash a spare key for the alarm, in case it goes off when he's not home. (It's the cold weather that's doing it, and the caretaker can't call the alarm company until the landlord gets back from his holiday in Egypt, because the alarm company doesn't want to talk to the caretaker, only the landlord.) At least it's only going off (so far) in the middle of the day, and not the middle of the night!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present the very rare *indoor* icicle! Here's how they looked last night:
Bedroom window, last night
and they were even bigger this morning:
Bedroom window, this morning

It's a good thing I don't ever want to close the livingroom blinds, because the cord is now firmly encased in ice:
Livingroom window, this morning

The puddles on the window sills are now bad enough that they're dripping down the walls... and one formed a largish puddle under my laundry hamper! I've put old towels on the window sills now, but I'll have to keep changing them so that they don't go moldy or freeze there!

For something more cheerful, here's a pretty frost picture:
Livingroom window frost
(And that would be the reason why I don't need to close my blinds in the winter.)

Keep warm!

PS: Yes, I'm still running the dehumidifier (so wrong!), but it doesn't seem to be helping with the windows. I do have it dry enough, though, that I'm back to getting regular nosebleeds. :P

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