Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seriously Spontaneous Spinning Batts!

I haven't blogged October's yet, so I'll do both October's and November's batts:
Seriously Spontaneous Spinning Batts
Aren't they *gorgeous*!?!!? They're from I was never able to snatch up one of the spontaneous batts that showed up there, so I signed up for the three month club when it became available. Mmmmm! Dreamy! The one on the left (October) is happy and magical. The one on the right (November) reminds me of a mossy forest floor... or, looking at the photo with the extras on top, like Jupiter! I am *so* going to enjoy spinning these. :)

October contains: alpaca, yearling mohair, wool, silk, bamboo, silk noils, kid mohair locks. The extras are fuzzy, translucent beads in an organza bag.

November contains: alpaca, mohair, silk, silk noils, bamboo, merino, corriedale, and tussah top. The extras are coordinating crocheted circles.

I requested no glitz... it's pretty in the batt, but tends to be kind of scratchy when spun. After this is over, I may just subscribe to the baby cakes club, just to have some more fun. :) (Baby cakes contain glitz... but I'll enjoy them anyway!) Hmmm... I wonder if hbacmama or another local would be interested in splitting a babycakes subscription...?


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
you have to wonder?

noricum said...

Well, the wondering was more a matter of cost... ;)

loop said...

yay! so glad you like them and excited you two will be joining the baby cakes club!!!