Monday, December 22, 2008


I figured out why I was using an extension cord rather than a powerbar... the powerbar with the right configuration doesn't have a cord long enough. I should look into getting a powerbar with a longer cord for that spot.

Note: I live in an older apartment, which means few electrical outlets, and not necessarily where you want them. There's a problem spot in the livingroom... it's where the cable comes into the apartment (one), and I have my tv (two), VCR/DVD (three) and antenna (four) plugged in there too. Plus, a little ways over on the same wall, I have my phone (five), answering machine (six), and stereo (seven), all going to the one outlet. The spot that I was going to put the powerbar is the spot with the phone, answering machine, and stereo. The only outlet that is anywhere close to these three items is the one that has all the other stuff plugged in. (The next closest one would have to go around the entranceway to the living room, but that one is operated by the light switch. The next closest one after that one is nearly thirty feet away.) I have my phone service provided by the cable company, so the only thing that *doesn't* need to be near the cable service is the stereo, but I like it where it is because then I can listen to it either from my livingroom or the kitchen.

Yes, I shouldn't have seven things plugged into a single outlet... but what other choice do I have?

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