Monday, December 22, 2008

Small Accomplishments

So far I haven't gotten *too* much done yet, but I am at least getting *some* stuff done.

I tested the liquid bandaid stuff in the shower... it held up, but started peeling around the edges:
(My finger is healing nicely... perhaps I won't have a scar after all?) So, to protect it some more, I added a finger from one of the vinyl gloves, with masking tape (tip from kirsten):

I still haven't washed my dishes, but I got one spot of electrical mess tidied (I attached the surge protector to the wall where it'll be easier to get at, once my desk is in place):
Since it's hard to tell which black cord belongs to what, I made tags:
and attached them:
While I was crawling around on that part of the floor anyway, I dusted there too, and opened up the heater covers (there and in all the rooms) to bleed the radiators. (It turns out the bleeder valve was at the other side of the radiator, but how was I to know before I started?) The only radiators with significant amounts of air were in the bathroom and livingroom. However, now I know that they aren't an issue. :)

Now, why was I playing with electrical cords instead of doing my dishes and dealing with my disaster of a kitchen? Because my brother gave me some LED Christmas lights, and I want to put them on my plant table. Okay, that doesn't make sense yet, but really, there *is* a logical explanation. I opened up the LED light package, and noticed the lights start right by the plug. This meant that I definitely need an extension cord. However, when I went to look in my stash of miscellaneous electrical/phone/computer bits, I discovered that all I had left was a power bar. So I looked at where my (two) extension cords are, and decided one would be better off with a power bar than an extension cord. However, the items plugged into the extension cord had several of those AC adaptors, and the layout of the spare power bar isn't good for high numbers of AC adaptors. The power bar by my computer was much better suited (although still not ideal) to multiple AC adaptors, so I swapped power bars. While I was doing that anyway, I decided it was about time to get around to wall mounting the power bar. Now I just need to crawl around the dusty place where my extension cord is, and perhaps wall mount that power bar too... and then I'll finally have a free extension cord, and hence some Christmas lights! :) (See, there *is* method to my madness.)

Okay, off to get dustier... (at least I dust the areas as I'm playing in them. And I do intend to get to all of the dust before my family visits.)


kirsten said...

I actually took the masking tape and put it directly on the cut. Seriously. Straight on the cut.

noricum said...

Yep, I know. But this way I can bend my finger. ;)