Tuesday, December 09, 2008



My loom! Thanks M! (It does come from M, right? Do you happen to remember anything about the assembly? If not, I'll play with it after Christmas... figuring it out will also be entertaining. ;) )


Knittah said...

So. Jealous.

md said...

hmmm... thought i'd commented on this before... here's a clue: it's actually TWO looms! one - i think the bigger one - is apparently a salish loom, although i don't have much idea what that means. the smaller one has a work in progress on it, but i don't know what that is either...a neighbour of mine was disowning them, and i thought it's only a matter of time before you get into weaving! enjoy!

noricum said...

I remember you saying something... I think it may have appeared on a later post? But thanks (again) for the information! It'll really help when I try to figure them out. :) (They're sitting under the tree for the moment... yep, I still need to take the tree down.) Thanks again so much for them!