Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cleaning the Oven?

Oh... hey... those bacon-wrapped jalapeño thingies were great, but they spattered (and set off the smoke alarm)... any great tips on cleaning the oven in a non-toxic way?


Nicoya said...

Try slathering on a paste of baking soda and water and leaving it overnight. If you're feeling adventurous, turn on the oven and heat it above 60c or so to decompose the baking soda into washing soda.

noricum said...

Awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for. :)

Mom had the same suggestion this morning: "You could try putting a paste of baking soda on and the steaming it. Just a thought. I have never tried it."

Shelley Noble said...

Yes, I was going to recommend baking soda too, the wonder substance! Now if it's glops of crusty stuff, you might want to scrap first the big clumps off with a spatula, or a credit card (you're not using them anyway, right?! :)) if you don't want to scratch the oven surface. I use a plastic spatula thing with a rubber handle on it that I got for 99¢ at bed bath and beyond our budget as we call it. But in that case it wasn't. A very useful tool for doing dishes too.

Of course, if you have big messes like this enough, there are these steam cleaners (got ours at Sears years ago) that use only super heated water to blast off any muck in the universe in a split second! Great for the bathroom too, or the BBQ, or the patio, etc. A machine worth it's weight in gold.

Don't laugh but I even used it as a steam room, hooked up to a tent in the livibng room a few years ago! Worked as well as a spa membership w/o leaving home! w00t!

hbacmama said...

Just did the baking soda/water thing in my parents oven today... last night... sometime.
Worked like a charm.