Friday, January 04, 2008

Vintage Fuses


My new apartment uses fuses rather than breakers. Two 15 amp fuses, in fact... for the *entire* apartment (not including the stove, for some reason). The last lady in the apartment filed off the tabs on some 30 amp fuses... probably because she kept blowing the 15 amp fuses. The landlord asked the caretaker to replace those, but Bob dug these up so that I'd have spares. Bob's house now uses breakers, not fuses. I offered him the 59 cents he originally paid, but he declined.

These things are funny-old. On the back it advertises their other products, including items made out of Bakelite and a mercury switch! (Eeep!)

Is it possible to run an air conditioner on a 15 amp fuse? What about an air conditioner and anything else... like a light or two or three, an alarm clock, a computer, a tv... or even worse, a dehumidifier for my bathroom?

...That reminds me... I forgot to check if the outlets are grounded! I sure hope so...

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Kath said...

Welcome to my world! For over seven years I've lived in an 1930's summer house with no grounded outlets at all. And my entire apartment runs on one 30 amp fuse. It's been a learning experience to say the least!