Tuesday, January 29, 2008


MPI is being annoying, and I need a letter from Bob before I can get the plates replaced. (I dealt with both an in-person agent and a phone call to the actual MPI.)

Then I phoned to deal with a $60 charge on my phone/internet account that shouldn't be there. They had already billed my credit card, so that charge is now a credit which will pay for the next month and a half of service. (Kind of annoying, but I'm really not in the mood to try to get them to put the money back where it should be.)

Now I need to fill out a long form for the power company. However, the student I'm tutoring should be showing up any minute, so that'll probably have to wait until later.

H is nice. She gave me chocolate.


Nicoya said...

I'm kind of confused why you can't just get the old licence plate back and put it back on the car.

noricum said...

I dunno. I think they're keeping it as evidence. Or perhaps they can't give it back until things go to trial, and we need plates before then. Or perhaps we just shouldn't have plates that have been involved in criminal activity. The police officer told me to go to MPI to get new ones.

We have them now.