Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Drawing Class

I took a drawing class on Saturday. It was called "lifely drawing", and we were drawing a live (clothed) model. We started out with "gesture drawing", which is where we try to get some representation down while the model moved around (in a rather ADHD way). My drawings from this part are rather crappy. At one point, we had to draw while she moved around a lot, *and* we weren't allowed to look at the paper. Uh... a good exercise? Perhaps. The results? Not recognizable one bit:
(You're going to have to click through to the biggest size in order to see much at all with these photos... sorry.) I didn't even have a clue what to attempt to draw for this exercise. :(

When the model did a repetitive motion and we were allowed to look, I got something in which you could potentially pick out a figure:
(She was dressed up with a hula skirt and lei at this point.) Occasionally the instructor would ask the model to hold a position and allow us to draw:

This exercise was called slinky figures:
(named after the toy.)

Finally we finished off with contour drawings, which were all done with a (fidgety) still model. At first we weren't allowed to look, and I got the typical Picasso-like results:
When I could look, it got better, but the model wasn't actually this ugly:
I actually kind of like this one, although I had to rush to finish, and so the legs are a bit off:

This last one I call "Can't the #$^&* model hold her head and hands still?!?!? I quit... where's my crochet?":


linda said...

I always enjoyed life drawing-I didn't really care for the models though, some of them were kind of snotty. That was in Southern Ca. Oh and the box of chocolates cracked me up, Usually I find the bugs after the box is empty!!

noricum said...

Our model wasn't snotty... she was a teenager from another class that the lady from my club gives. I just don't think she had a good grasp of what we wanted her to do. (Or, at least, what I would have liked her to do!)

noricum said...

Oh... and the chocolates? I had already eaten half. :P I don't think they were in the chocolates themselves, besides those two suspicious ones I found. But still, ew.

Lucy said...

looks like an informative and fun class...you have talent!