Monday, January 21, 2008


Zeneedle decided to declare a NaSpiMoMo... "National Spin More Month" for the month of January, and way back in November or December when she was thinking about it, I said I'd join. Given that it's the 20th of January, perhaps it's time to dust off my spinning wheel? ;)

Tonight I wound off the first half of my Piece of Vermont "Grotto" singles:
Wound Off
Then predrafted and started spinning the second half:
Spinning Again
Okay, so I didn't get very far... but at least I've started! Part of what slowed me down tonight was the generation (and cleaning up of) the mess in the kitchen:
Kitchen Mess
Bread, dinner, and chocolate chip banana muffins... I've been busy! (No, I have no idea where all this unexpected productivity is coming from. Perhaps my antidepressants are at the right level?)

Although I didn't work on it tonight, here's how the back of the Celtic Knot sweater is looking:
Celtic Knot Sweater WIP

Have you had a good evening?


Penny said...

Andrea I have so much fun reading your blog so I tagged you with the 7 facts MEME. Check out my blog for details

noricum said...

Thank you for the complement. :) I'll go check that post, and try to not take too long to answer. ;)