Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crafty Update

I've been busy lately with the move, etc, and am falling behind on my blogging. Here's a quick summary of the crafty things I've been up to:

I made noticeable changes to my painting last night (after virtually unnoticeable changes last week):
Painting WIP
Since it's been a while since I've showed you this, I'll forgive you if you can't figure out what the noticeable changes are. ;)

I have two oven mitts ready for fulling/felting:
Oven Mitts, Pre-Felting
I haven't felted them yet in the hopes I'll actually work on the purse pattern for Deneen. ;)

I did, however, crochet, full/felt, and decorate a pair of slippers for H:
Crochet Boot Slippers Crochet Boot Slippers
I like the beads I sewed in the flower centers. :)

My blanket has a few more squares... I need to take another photo of that one of these days.

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