Sunday, January 06, 2008


Let me tell you, that wasn't the title I was thinking earlier today. I was thinking in much stronger (less family-friendly) words.

The temperatures have been positively balmy this weekend... we even got rain last night. However, it did dip below freezing, and the temperature isn't the only thing that fell.

This morning, even though the highs were predicted to be well above zero, there was a *slick* coating of ice on everything. We were moving the wall units over today. Bob and I loaded one up (only one "fit" in the car at a time), then I grabbed two drawers and headed over to unlock the apartment. Bob was pulling into the parking spot there as I was walking towards the door. However, as I stepped off the snow and onto the sidewalk by the door, my feet flew out from under me. One drawer attempted to break my fall, coming hard between my pavement and my ribs on the right hand side, before I slipped off that and ended up flat on my back.


I got up... slowly. In stages, in fact.


I unlocked the door. *painpain*

I carried one drawer upstairs, *pain*, unlocked that door, *pain*, and set the drawer out of the way. *painpain* Then I went back downstairs. *painpainpain*

Mom took my place, and helped Bob get the wall unit upstairs. I helped with doors. *painpainpain* I was winded, and hurt so much I was crying... I hurt all the way from the drawer shaped bruise up my ribcage, my shoulder, and my neck on the right hand side. It didn't feel like anything was broken (not that I've felt a broken bone before, thank goodness), but I *hurt*.

I told my folks that I wouldn't be moving anything today, and they concurred. I suggested we leave everything for another day, but they said they'd see if my brother was free. Mom asked if I'd be okay getting home, and I said I would. I asked if they would lock up, and they said they would.

Once I got home I went downstairs and lay on my bed. Mom and Bob got home shortly thereafter. Mom brought down all the cold packs, packed me up, tucked me in, and fed me advil. I lay in the dark with the cold packs until I started to feel chilled, then pushed them away and had a nap. When I got up I did feel better... still battered and bruised, but no longer crying from the pain.

Mom and Bob and my brother, however, kept working. They got all three of the wall units moved, plus my coffee table from Chapel Hill, and all of the smaller plants. (I think mom really wants the plants out.)

Later that day my brother brought me some cartoons:
Yep, those suit me.

When I went over to water the plants and close the windows they had opened (to air the apartment out some more), I took over my laptop to check out whether there were any unsecured networks around. (I was curious.) Even though I put my backpack on my uninjured shoulder, it still hurt to carry it over there and back. (Pushing/pulling the windows shut hurt too.) H is back in the office tomorrow, but I'm planning on staying home. I think I'll give my side another day to recover. This way I can also be home for the furnace repair guy so mom and Bob can go out and run errands, and I think I'll call about setting up phone and internet in my apartment. (And read Saturday's career section from the paper, etc.)

Perhaps I'll line the drawers tomorrow too. Lining drawers is easy work, and is something that needs doing.


Deneen said...

Owie is right-if they don't bother your stomach, take Advil or Ibuprofen for it versus Tylenol.

noricum said...

Yeah, I did. I normally avoid advil/ibuprofen due to it's bizarre effects on me (it can make me loopy), but here the anti-inflammatory properties were needed.

Sara said...

oh my! sorry to hear about this. stupid ice! bad ice!