Friday, January 04, 2008

I came, I shopped, I conquered!

Shopping Bags

I now have three bras (one from the fancy fitting place, two from Zellers), a bar of soap (I had run out... whoopsie!), two pair of pants (hemmed), four tops, shoes, three addi lace circulars, and perhaps a wee bit of yarn for a quick gift project. (Okay, those last two items aren't interview clothes, as is one of the bras, but Ram Wools is having it's 30% off everything sale, and I bought a sports bra in addition to two work-suitable bras.)

Here's me modelling the wearables:
Outfit #1 Outfit #1, Sans Shirt
(That second shot shows the same outfit as the first, but without the brown shirt.)
Outfit #2 (same pants) Outfit #3 (same pants) Other Pants
(That last photo shows the second pair of pants... not interview worthy, perhaps, but a steal... and I switched over to the Zellers bra for comparison.)

No, you don't get to see my bras. (Unless you have honest-to-goodness bra questions, and not dirty-perv-reasons.) I had been wearing a 38B, but the bra lady insisted I was actually a 34D. (WOW!) She did let me try on some 36Cs, and that's what I ended up going with... mostly because the one I liked the best wasn't in stock in a 34D, and partially because I'm not completely convinced that I can still be comfortable in a 34. (I like breathing.) However, I do think I look better in properly fitting bras. The Zellers bras I bought for comparison purposes, and also so I'd have a spare or two. (The fancy bra was $42, and that was on the cheap end of the scale that the fancy shop offered. I'll stick with one until I have a job that pays more.)

Speaking of spending money, I spent... um... (calculating)... $315.89. Ouch. (Much closing of eyes and handing over of credit cards took place.) However, many of the items were deeply discounted, so it's not nearly as bad as it could have been. Doing some rough calculations, I saved over $100. Not bad.


Bron said...

Everything looks very, very nice. You did well for that amount of cash!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Success on the second try. Looks really good.

Good for you.


Kelli said...

I like the last outfit best - the teal top with the tan pants. Oh, and I hate buying bras. Especially as the few times I've been "fitted" the fit wasn't right. :-/ So, I do it myself and try and try again until I'm okay with it. Ah well.

Knittah said...

Properly fitted bras are essential! And you look great!

Sara said...

You look very professional. I think you did a marvelous shopping job. That's quite a bit of stuff! I don't have the patience to look for deals.

Personally, I think bra fitting ladies are sadists. They recommended a smaller size than I expected and I, too went for the "I like to breathe and prefer not to have my circulation cut off" size, too.

Chef Mom said...

It all looks very professional and nice, including your modelling smile. Where are you going to work?

For bra fitting, I use the size charts, a how-to-measure manual and a good tape measure. The one time I tried to have a bra-fitting lady help me at a "much advertised expensive US lingerie brand store", she tried to sell me one that was a size too small with a bigger cup size because they didn't have in stock the size/cup size combination I measured up to in the color that I wanted.

Kath said...

Congrats on scoring some interview clothes! And it's good you go the tan pants too. Even if they don't seem "interview worthy" it's important to have a second outfit in case you get called back for a second interview!

I've never done the "bra fitting" thing but if doing so causes an increase in cup size perhaps I'll give it a shot some day!

Daisy said...

Bra fitting...ugh.

And it's impossible to correctly measure yourself. If you can find someone, like a willing husband, to do it for you isn't the measurement right under your breasts, then one cup size for every additional inch when measured at the fullest point of your breasts (propping them up if need be, I suppose)???

not being pervy I hope, but I really hate being sized by some 22 year old at the store.

Dianne said...

You did great on the shopping trip. I like the strip-ey top. I've never heard of a bra-fitter.

Mathgirl said...

Yep, I drastically changed sizes too after going there, unfortunately it's now a size that I can only get at specialty stores. I luckily got out of the I can't breathe, it's 6 inches less than I'm wearing size mainly as it's so obscure they hardly stock it. I like breathing too :)